Enchanted in the Moonlight · Voltage Inc

[Walkthrough] Enchanted in the Moonlight ~ Chikage; Season 1: Main Story


Main Story:

[Episode 1]
“I can’t live with you guys.”
“That’s mean.”

[Episode 2]
“It’s nice having a lively house.”
“I’ll take my clothes off myself.”

[Episode 3]
Laugh it off.
Sit next to Chikage.

[Episode 4]
“You seemed the most decent.”
“Thanks, Chikage.”

[Episode 5]
“I’m more worried about the others.”
Talk to him.

[Episode 6]
Encourage him to sit by you.
Get Chikage’s help.

[Episode 7]
“But now he has me.”
Wait for the kiss.

[Episode 8]
Trust Chikage.
Ask Chikage if he’s cold.

[Episode 9]
Answer his question.
Hold his hand.

[Episode 10]
“I have an agreement with Chikage.”
“We can kiss.”

[Episode 11]
Give a sincere apology.
Run after Chikage.

[Episode 12]
Look at Chikage.
Trust that Chikage will come save you.

[Chapter 13]
Happy End


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