Enchanted in the Moonlight · Voltage Inc

[Walkthrough] Enchanted in the Moonlight ~ Kiryu; Season 1: Main Story


Kiryu_Personality (1)Kiryu_Personality_2 (1)

[Episode 1]
Why is this happening to me?
You’re a tyrant!

[Episode 2]
You put a lot of thought into this.
Glare at him

[Episode 3]
I don’t believe you.

[Episode 4]
Thank you.
Err… thank you.

[Episode 5]
I don’t want to be here.
I trust you.

[Episode 6]
Your studious.
Say something

[Episode 7]
I’m sorry.
Can I be your protege?

[Episode 8]
You know that’s not true.
Tell him the truth

[Episode 9]
I don’t want to hear you say that!

[Episode 10]
No, thanks!
It’s none of your business.

[Episode 11]
Why did you say that?
Pick up

[Episode 12]
I never want you to stop.

[Episode 13]



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