Enchanted in the Moonlight · Voltage Inc

[Walkthrough] Enchanted in the Moonlight ~ Yukinojo; Season 1: Main Story


[Episode 1]
Because he seems nice.
If Yukinojo’s here, too…

[Episode 2]
“Thank you.”

[Episode 3]
“Let’s do it together.”

[Episode 4]
“Why would you say something like that?”

[Episode 5]
“It’s not your fault.”
“It’s good.”

[Episode 6]
“I don’t want to.”
“The violet…”

[Episode 7]
“You didn’t care.”
Grab his right hand.

[Episode 8]

[Episode 9]
“I trust Yukinojo.”
“You look like you’re going to cry.”

[Episode 10]
“I want to thank you.”
“That’s not true!”

[Episode 11]
“I didn’t want you to get hurt.”
“I want you.”

[Episode 12]
Hug him.
“It’s embarrassing.”

[Episode 13]
Happy End


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